Sentinel Butte, North Dakota 58654
City of Sentinel Butte
20  S. West Street, Suite A
Sentinel Butte, ND 58654
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Prepared by Beach, ND 701-872-0012
Sentinel Butte, ND is an
incorporated city which
operates on a traditional
council form of government.
Office hours are:
Monday and Wednesday
9:00 am to 2:00 pm
Thursday 1:00 - 5:00 pm
The City Council meets the
second Monday of each month.
Summer and winter hours change
with daylight savings time.
Winter schedule:
monthly meetings begin at 7:00pm
Summer schedule:
monthly meetings begin at  8:00pm
Mayor: Rick Olson 701-218-0178
City Auditor: Kelli Allen
Office 701-872-3964
Jason Lee - Water/Sewer
Sue Feldman - Grounds
Troy Finneman - Buildings
Cheech Holznagel -
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City News

   Daylight Savings
Sunday, March 12

     (Note:  Council Meeting time changes too!)

Upcoming Events:
*March 4, 2017: SB Fire Dept. Annual Pancake Supper     
     and Auction, 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

*March 12, 2017: Daylight Savings Time Change
*March 13, 2017: City Council Meeting, 8:00 pm
*April 10, 2017: Board of Equalization, 7:00 pm
     followed by City Council Meeting, 8:00 pm

*May 8, 2017: City Council Meeting, 8:00 pm
Sentinel Butte
Volunteer Fire Department
Chief:  Mike Van Horn
Assistant Chief:  Rod Brown